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GoTrip travel market - how does the booking of a trip work?

Enter your desires in browser
Choose a hotel
Make a booking
Receive travel documents
Go on a trip
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1. Enter your desires in browser

  • Choose the country of departure, the travel duration, the number of travellers and the destination. The destination may be a country, a region or a hotel.
  • You may choose the departure dates specifying a particular date or, if you are flexible, then also a longer period of time in which to select offers. The dates marked with heart are days for travelling which have the lowest prices.
  • Meals - by default the trips will be searched with all available types of meals, but you may specify on the search bar:
    • Meals not included – you yourself will have to take care about the food
    • Breakfast – breakfast is included in the price
    • Half board – breakfast and lunch are included in the price. Alcoholic drinks are not included.
    • Full board – breakfast, lunch and dinner are included in the price. Alcoholic drinks are not included.
    • All inclusive – all meals and local alcoholic drinks are included in the price.

2. Choose a hotel

  • Look at the pictures, read descriptions and feedbacks from other tourists.
  • Look and compare hotel evaluations.

3. Make a booking

  • In order to make a booking, prepare information about the travellers – forename, surname, personal code etc.
  • If you make the booking in a timely manner, you may have a possibility to pay only for the booking fee at first and the remaining sum no later than a month before the flight date. If the flight date is not a long way off, then the payment for the trip will have to be made by one of several payment methods.

4. Receive documents

  • After successful processing of the travel request you will receive travel documents and description about the further course of travel.

5. Go on a trip

  • Yes! And this, really, is all for purchase of the tour from GoTrip. Now it is time to take a rest!
Search for travel

A selection hotels in Turkey

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The LUX hotels

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Where happiness flows like water!

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