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Go to Austria. One day of gliding across or along the Alps is followed by a romantic walk through the majestic capital of Vienna. The influence of the Habsburg dynasty in the country’s fine arts, music and architecture can still be felt here. Sounds by famous composers such as Mozart, Strauss and Schubert are echoed in the richly gilded and splendid concert halls. It is definitely worth enjoying the prominent and grandiose Salzburg Festival, which takes place on the city streets and gathers a significant number of music and culture lovers every year.

And the driving on Austrian roads will also enchant everyone. Winding through deep valleys, mountain serpentine roads and driving along glaciers and colourful meadows, you won’t be able to put down your camera! These lyrical landscapes will definitely encourage you to put on your hiking boots and go out in nature. After an active rest, you will be able to relieve your hunger both in traditional cuisine eateries, enjoying a hearty schnitzel, and go to farmers’ markets. You can look for more culinary delights in delicatessens or Michelin-starred restaurants.

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