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Rarely can a place surprise as much as ​Israel ​– the breath-taking beauty of the mountains and valleys, the dramatic silence of the Dead Sea, the sandy Makhtesh Ramon canyon, the ancient walls and streets of Nazareth and Jerusalem. For many Europeans, the religious mix that prevails there will seem surprising: Muslims, Christians and Jews live side by side. Religion also strictly dictates the rhythm of everyday life - here you will hear both the call to prayer in the mosque and you will be able to watch the silent prayers of the Orthodox Jews at the Wailing Wall.

Rarely does anyone manage to leave Israel without at least a small idea of the country’s complicated history and political and ethnic situation. Nevertheless, Israel offers all kinds of recreation - here you can visit the bars and beaches of Tel Aviv and Haifa, the wineries and eateries of Galilee, where you can feast on delicacies at the richly covered mezze – i.e., a table of snacks. Israel will challenge and confuse, upset and surprise, and leave an emotional seal that will remain long after the trip.